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Buy best quality peroxide removal Activated alumin in Whole Sale price.

Chemical compounds when stored for a prolonged period and later when exposed to air and light undergo slow oxidation and lead to the formation of Peroxide, which can be visualized in the form of Cryst...

Rs 170.00

Where To Buy activated Alumin products for Bio pharmaceutical Applications.!

Alumina is the name connected to alum, a compound of Aluminum and Disulphate. Alumina was first removed from mud utilizing Sulphuric corrosive in 1754 and "Alumina " was begat in 1761. It is additiona...

Rs 170.00

Where To Buy activated Alumina products for Air Drying Desiccants

The desiccants are the substances which are generally used to retain the dampness, mugginess, water vapors and scent. They can keep up the adequacy and inventiveness of the items. The fundamental unde...

Rs 170.00

Buy best quality Activated alumina products directly from manufacturers with factory price.!

activated alumina balls are profoundly fit for adsorbing dampness and water vapors from the applications where air filtration is must to acquire the perfect item. These balls are delivered by warming...

Rs 170.00

Buy High Quality pharmaceutical desiccants at Low Cost

Our desiccants specially for pharmaceutical and API packaging including silica gel packets, molecular sieve packets, activated carbon and clay packets, humidity indicating cards, pillow pak, unit pak,...

Rs 155.00

Dessicants Packets supplier & manufacturer

The wide range of desiccant packets is used to control and adsorb the moisture, humidity and gas from the packed products in order to prolong their life. These packets are highly effective for adsorbi...

Rs 155.00

Silica Gel Bead and Crystals Manufacturer & Supplier in india

Silica gel desiccant is the greatest deal of internal surface area which is the grate adsorbent from the other desiccants. These silica gel beads have micro -porous structure that has interlocking cav...

Rs 250.00
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